"I Dig My Job"


The  Gravedigger,  LLC  is  a  grave  digging  company  specializing  in  the opening and closing of graves, and other cemetery related services around Central Iowa.


A key service provided is the Unlimited Grave Maintenance. This service is included with every grave opening and closing at no additional cost to the cemeteries or the families. What this service means, is every grave will be compacted, topped off with the original topsoil, raked, and seeded at closing (Weather Permitting). In addition, every spring all graves will be inspected for additional settling, and if needed, they will be topped off and reseeded.


Additional information about The Gravedigger, LLC services are as follows:


  • Opening and closing graves since 1990.

  • Light weight modern equipment is used to minimize damage to the turf.

  • Every opened grave is covered with a reinforced grave-cover while awaiting closing.

  • No additional charges for frost / winter conditions.

  • Fully insured.

  • Record keeping.

    • Selling cemetery lots.

    • Updating old cemetery records to computer files.

    • Laying out locations for monument installation.
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