"I Dig My Job"


In  1961  my  father-In-law  Robert  Kirkpatrick  Sr.  began  digging  graves by hand in and around Des Moines, Iowa. By 1971, grave digging had become his full-time occupation, and as time passed, the demand for his service increased. In 1980 he purchased his first backhoe in order to keep up with the increasing demand for his grave digging service.


It was in 1990 that I started digging graves part-time with my father-in-law. At first, it was just something for me to do on the weekends. After a while, I started digging graves on my own so my father-in-law could have some time off.


In 2005, after 44 years of digging graves, my father-in-law felt it was time to retire. I purchased his equipment and took over the grave digging duties at the cemeteries he worked for. It was at this time I started The Gravedigger, LLC. I have since acquired several new cemeteries, and have been a substitute grave digger for other cemeteries when needed. In addition to digging graves, I also keep cemetery records, sell cemetery lots, and lay out the locations for monument installation at select cemeteries.


Like my father-in-law, grave digging has become my full-time occupation, and with that comes the responsibility of providing a service for families, and their friends at a very emotional time. I take great pride in providing this service.

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